We Make Your Journal Manuscript Ready for Publication

Our superb manuscript editing team has years of writing and publishing experience - and this shows in their quality of work.


Manuscript Editors with Master’s and PhD Degrees

We employ a diverse manuscript editing team composed of subject matter experts having unmatched technical expertise in their respective fields. In fact, each manuscript editor in our team has been selected with a primary motive of helping our clients pair up with an expert from their specific area of study. As a result, we know how to carefully analyze each word, sentence and paragraph of your manuscript despite its subject, scope or complexity.

Our manuscript editors improve the overall quality of your manuscript and ensure that your writing comes off as clear and impactful. We correct all spelling, language and grammatical errors and also eliminate any redundant statements or phrases that might dilute or obscure your intended message. Simply put, we make sure that your manuscript is publication-ready.

Why Hire Our Manuscript Editing Services?

With a sea of competitors providing similar services to ours, there are many reasons why our clients consider us to be the best in the business.


Substantive Editing

Unlike some competitors, we do not offer a reduced service lacking in some aspects. Instead, we offer in-depth manuscript editing services designed to check and correct all possible errors in your manuscript.

Subject Area Matching

We truly believe that pairing the right client with the right editor is the key to our success. We guarantee to assign you an editor from your specific area of study so you know that you are getting the best possible assistance.


Editing Certificate

We provide a unique editing certificate with each manuscript editing order successfully delivered by us. You can choose to submit this certificate of authentication while submitting your manuscript for evaluation.

What Makes Us So Special?

As frontrunners in our respective industry, we have always tried to bring innovations to our list of services to help us work quickly and more efficiently for you.

Multiple Expert Reviews

Every manuscript edited by us goes through multiple revision experts who conduct a thorough quality check before approving it for delivery to the respective client.

Express Delivery Option

We always allow you to choose your own deadlines and, upon special request, ensure that your manuscript is edited and delivered back to you within 24 hours.

Extended Consultation

We encourage you to have detailed Q&A sessions with our team in order to receive a well-rounded service from us that you can actually learn from.

What You Receive As Part of Our Service

We take pride in helping scholars unlock the true potential of their diligent research work.
Here’s what we provide as part of our manuscript editing services.

  • Comprehensive manuscript editing by a subject matter expert specializing in your field of study.
  • Correction of all language, spelling, punctuation, formatting and grammatical errors in your text.
  • Improvement of style, structure, flow and overall presentation of your journal manuscript.
  • In-house peer review from a reviewer from the same area of study as the respective manuscript.
  • Optional target journal formatting as per the client’s given choices and specifications.
  • Unlimited re-edits until you are fully satisfied and ready to submit your manuscript for publication.