Tailored PhD and Master’s Proofreading
Services for You

Our excellent team of professional proofreaders makes your dissertation or thesis stand out for the right reasons.


We Polish Your Work and Help Elevate Its Overall Quality

While our professional editing services offer a critical and intensive examination of your text to make it more impactful, our proofreading services help ensure that your completed thesis or dissertation is not riddled with any textual errors.

Our qualified proofreaders possess an exceptional eye for detail and narrative with respect to language, spelling, punctuation and grammar usage in academic writing. We provide a comprehensive, in-depth proofreading service that acts like a final coat of veneer to make your academic work truly shine.

Over 12,000 students undertaking PhD and Master’s degrees in various universities in Europe and across the world have benefited from our impeccable proofreading services uptil now and we are confident that this number will keep increasing with years to come.

Why Hire Our Professional Proofreading Services?

We scrutinize your work closely and painstakingly to ensure that each word, sentence and paragraph aligns with your target outcomes.


Removal of Errors

Our proofreading team identifies and corrects all grammatical, lexical, semantic, syntactic and typographical errors.

Enhanced Consistency

We ensure the consistency of writing style, format, fonts, spacing, headings and subheadings throughout your text.


Referencing Expertise

Our proofreaders are proficient in working with all referencing styles prescribed by European universities including MLA, APA, CMS, ASA, and more.

Features and Benefits of Our Proofreading Services

We have been the preferred choice for research scholars from all over Europe and the world due to the brilliant quality of service delivered by us.

Subject Matter Experts

Our team boasts expertise in thousands of topics from varied fields of study so we can always guarantee that your designated proofreader is aptly suited for you.

Competitive Pricing

We have kept our pricing packages very affordable and transparent bearing in mind the financial constraints of university scholars.

Lightning-Fast Delivery

We understand the importance of submitting academic projects on time and ensure that you never miss a deadline with our remarkable speed of service.

What You Receive As Part of Our Service

Our proofreading service has been designed to help you express your ideas and arguments clearly, without any textual errors. Here’s a brief look at what our brilliant proofreading service includes.

  • Our proofreading team corrects any spelling, grammar and/or punctuation errors found in your text.
  • We ensure that a formal style of factual and precise academic writing is maintained throughout.
  • We identify and rectify any issues that interfere with the structure or readability of your text.
  • Our team cross-checks that your referencing and citation style is clear, compliant and consistent.
  • We are capable of following the exact format or style guide specified by your university.
  • We provide comprehensive help and consultation in the form of additional comments and suggestions.